5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022
Let's immediately refer to the list of the 5 most used and best rated Blockchain API providers in 2022!

Nobody API

Nobody is one of the few Blockchain API providers on the market that currently allows users to use completely free.

With many years of operation and extensive experience in the industry, you'll definitely feel absolutely satisfied when using Nobody's Blockchain API.

Many users of all sizes, from startups to businesses and individuals in the developer community… have been choosing Blockchain API provided by Nobody for their applications, all gave positive reviews.

Nobody's Blockchain API ensures to meet your needs with the following outstanding advantages:

  • Extremely powerful.
  • Reliable.
  • Absolutely secure connection.
  • Integration with applications is extremely simple.
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON.

Besides, Nobody also provides detailed document for users, making the process of working with Blockchain API simpler and more efficient.

Experience now!

Leave a message at support@nobody.network if you have any questions while reading the document and using Nobody's Blockchain API!

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022


NOWNodes is known as one of the “giant” of the Blockchain API technology industry.

They are an explorer and node API provider, contributing to convenient access to over 45 of the most popular Blockchain networks, making the process simpler.

Besides, NOWNodes is also Blockchain-as-a-Service solution, providing high-quality connection through API.

With the API from NOWNodes, you simply select the node you need and then find an available method and connect.

The reason NOWNodes API is the best rated is because they possess outstanding features such as:

  • All explorers and nodes are centralized in one place, so users don't need to deal with multiple services.
  • Fast access at 1GB/s.
  • Secure and reliable connection.
  • Service quality is always guaranteed.
  • Cost effective.
  • All nodes will be continuously monitored 24/7 by NOWNodes experts.

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022

Blockchain API

Blockchain API is widely known as one of the oldest on the market and extremely popular with a powerful community of over 25,000 developers.

They have APIs for wallets, market data, payment processing, simple text queries and Blockchain exploration...

The storage of data about blocks and transactions will be formatted by the Blockchain API by JSON.

If you are in need of implementing cryptocurrency payment functions, Blockchain API is a perfect solution that should not be missed!

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022

Bitcore API

Bitcore is considered as a platform providing API with great potential in the future, founded by the developer team of Bitpay - the extremely popular Bitcoin payment processor today.

Bitcore's API is written in the JavaScript programming language and is open source, free to use.

They provide a node, wallet, Bitcoin chain explorer and lots of other useful libraries... and is essential toolset for almost any Bitcoin related application.

The Bitcore API gives enterprise applications an edge, as it has a module architecture that is fully extensible with additional services.

Bitcore's incredible performance has made them one of the best Blockchain API providers for projects that need to scale.

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022

Factom API

Need to record tamper-proof data for a long time? Do not ignore Factom because they provide storage services on their own Blockchain.

Factom's API makes it easy to integrate with existing software without having to scrap and rebuild from scratch.

In addition, Factom offers another innovative and interesting feature, which is tokenization.

Thereby, you can create tokens that represent a certain asset class in the real world and trade them on the network.

5 best Blockchain API providers in 2022

Above is the list of 5 best rated Blockchain API providers in 2022.

Nobody hopes to help you find the right provider!