5 most powerful crypto API providers

5 most powerful crypto API providers
Which is the most powerful and reliable crypto API provider today? Let's follow this article now!

CryptoCompare API

CryptoCompare is one of the largest crypto data providers on the market, established quite early.

They provide a lot of different types of data such as market, commerce, social and Blockchain...

CryptoCompare's API is used by countless businesses and companies specializing in crypto.

Besides, they also own an impressive number of API users like Yahoo! and Thomson Reuters - “giants” in the financial data business.

The reason why CryptoCompare API is extremely attractive to users is because:

  • CryptoCompare API provides a variety of trusted and extensible endpoints.
  • CryptoCompare API reaches 180 million requests per hour at peak times.
  • CryptoCompare API collects over 800 transactions per second.
  • CryptoCompare API owns a large data center with a global scale.

It can be commented that CryptoCompare API is the most perfect choice for those who need a wide and detailed array of crypto data.

5 most powerful crypto API providers


CoinAPI is quite special because unlike the other crypto data providers mentioned in this article.

They do not operate the coinranking website and only focus mainly on the service of providing price and market data.

Another interesting fact about CoinAPI is that they own the largest amount of crypto but transactions on the platform are extremely low.

Currently, CoinAPI is providing real-time, fast and completely reliable data transfer service.

In addition, users will also find an extremely large database of market history at CoinAPI.

5 most powerful crypto API providers

Nomics API

Nomics is known as a platform that provides complete aggregated trade data and professional analysis, with a free API that can cover a wide variety of trading needs.

Nomics' goal is to become the data “backbone” for crypto developers and investors.

The Nomics API, which includes data for Bitcoin as well as many other cryptocurrencies, is a great resource for traders as they provide extremely detailed and accurate raw data.

In addition, the Nomics API has the ability to help detect some form of manipulation of transaction data.

However, Nomics is probably not the right choice for independent and unorganized developers, because renting an API is expensive and quite expensive.

5 most powerful crypto API providers

BraveNewCoin API

BraveNewCoin provides historical data from 2014 on over 500 different asset classes, extremely reliable.

In addition, they also collect data from more than 200 large and small exchanges in the market.

BraveNewCoin's API is considered extremely useful for traders, as they focus mainly on providing a reference rate...

Currently, BraveNewCoin is providing API Key through Mashape (Kong Inc.).

5 most powerful crypto API providers

CoinMarketCap API

CoinMarketCap is one of the most reputable platforms in the field of crypto data, owning an extremely large API user base including Coinbase and Bank of Canada.

They are also providing free API for use with a certain limit for users.

In addition, CoinMarketCap also has a professional API for traders and developers with complete market data from 2013.

5 most powerful crypto API providers