List of basic errors when building API

List of basic errors when building API
When building APIs and integrating them into systems and applications, what problems do you often encounter? Let's "discover" through the following article!

404 Not Found

It can be said, 404 Not Found is the most common type of error that you will often encounter when building and integrating APIs into systems.

This error usually occurs on the user side (client), but sometimes it also indicates that the API URL you are using in your request does not exist on the server.

The best workaround for this error is to keep the client state intact before making sure the API is not having any problems at all.

List of basic errors when building API

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden error means that you are currently not authorized to take action related to this URL.

Now, even though you have authenticated the user, you still do not have permission to send requests outside of your role.

This also often happens when you have issues with authentication, for example using the wrong API key or trying to access features that your subscription doesn't include.

List of basic errors when building API

401 Unauthorized

Other than 403, this error reflects that you have not authenticated with that API.

At this point, the API will not know who the user is and will refuse to serve the proposed request.

To solve the problem, the best thing to do is to register and get an API key. Also, use a satisfactory authentication method to be able to use it.

List of basic errors when building API

429 Too Many Requests

This error indicates that you have sent a request that exceeds the allowed limit.

Each API subscription plan will have a separate limit, the lower the cost, the less the number of requests per second that is allowed to access.

If you need to send a lot of requests over a short period of time, consider adjusting them on the client side.

List of basic errors when building API

502 Bad Gateway

This is an error status that explains that the server you are using is not actual, but just like a proxy.

Thereby, this proxy will try to use the API to call the server using your name.

In addition, the 502 Bad Gateway error also shows that the API server is not responding to the request.

This can also be related to network issues or simply the API server is crashing or down for maintenance.

This issue is usually temporary and should be resolved by the API provider.

List of basic errors when building API