What is API Documentation?

What is API Documentation?
Documentation is an extremely important part, helping users to integrate API simply and achieve greater efficiency.

API plays a very important role in the field of information technology when almost every application in the 4.0 era today has its appearance, contribute to convenience and great experience for users.

What is API?

API (application programming interface) is known as an intermediary mechanism consisting of a set of connection protocols, allows two different components to interact and exchange data back & forth.

In the current market, most businesses operating in the field of information technology and large scale build their own API, for internal use or for other users.

Tài liệu API là gì?

What is API Documentation?

API Documentation can be compared to a handbook, where all information related to the API is compiled.

This is a kind of reference manual for API users (programmers or developers), containing comprehensive technical content and providing methods, helping them to use as well as integrate API to achieve highest efficiency.

Good API Documentation must be written and presented in detail but ensure simplicity, making it easy - quickly for users to understand.

Inside of API Documentation will usually contain all information required when working with the API, such as:

  • Links.
  • Functions.
  • Classes.
  • Return type.
  • Method of use.
  • Arguments.

Also included examples with explanation of every parameter and request with its response.

Some of API Documentation includes sample source code for commonly used programming languages.

A truth is that no matter how well the API is built, no one wants to use it if its Documentation looks terrible!

Tài liệu API là gì?

Why API Documentation is needed?

Based on general comments from industry experts, Documentation is an important factor that has potential to directly influence API usage and integration.

Documentation is needed because it helps users understand how to work with the API, contributing to minimizing errors and quickly bringing efficiency during use.

It can be said that API Documentation is the foundation to help programmers and developers achieve the best experience.

Tài liệu API là gì?