What is Open API?

What is Open API?
Open API is considered a new trend in the software industry today, bringing a lot of value and benefits when used.

What is Open API?

Any application created in the software industry must be able to satisfy a certain human need.

Although each application will have different functions and serving roles, but do not mean that they are created in completely separate ways.

Basically, between applications with different purposes of use will also exist some similar functions.

Thus, viewed from a programmer's perspective, it is clear that they are having to rebuild the same functionality for each application, which takes a lot of effort and time to complete the project.

And as an inevitable trend, Open API and intermediary service providers were born, solving the above problem perfectly.

Open API also known through another name is “public application programming interface”.

This is a completely public API that provides programmers and developers with access points through a program to proprietary software or web services.

It consists of a set of requirements that specify how separate applications can communicate and interact with each other.

Because they are public, programmers and developers outside of the service provider organization can also sign up to use the Open API normally.

What is Open API?

What features does Open API have?

Open API has the following main features:

  • Always ready for use by users with relatively few restrictions.
  • Powered by completely free open data.
  • Users are allowed to republish open data provided by Open API at their own discretion without restrictions on copyright issues...

What is Open API?

Benefits of using Open API

After a while, programmers and developers realized it was pointless to waste time and effort redesigning things that were built iteratively before.

Instead, they can completely rely on the Open APIs provided by an intermediary and apply them to the project development process for themselves.

Using Open API will bring many benefits to users such as:

  • Gives programmers and developers more time to fully focus on building more unique features for the project.
  • Reduce project construction and completion time, bring high productivity in work.
  • Contributing to saving resources and cost of building software effectively.
  • Cut out unnecessary steps.
  • Reduce current workload.
  • Increase revenue steadily.

With the Open API, instead of XML elements, users will have a collection of many JSON objects, with a specific schema to define their naming - ordering - content.

What is Open API?