5 Best APIs for Blockchain projects

5 Best APIs for Blockchain projects
Following article will summarize 5 APIs for Blockchain projects, currently the best rated on the market.

In this day and age, the field of Blockchain has become extremely familiar and increasingly widely applied.

Although there're many skeptics surrounding this technology, the Blockchain ecosystem is still growing strongly and diversely day by day.

Payment as well as transaction of cryptocurrencies is no longer something too strange.

So, the software supporting cryptocurrencies is gradually being deployed more.

However, building a comprehensive crypto platform is not easy and we'll need the help of an API.

But how to choose the most suitable Blockchain API for your project? Let's refer to the following 5 suppliers.

Coinbase API

Coinbase - the name at beginning of this list, a tool that many users in the community consider extremely secure and safe, as well as extremely flexible.

Coinbase's API technology is built on Node.js, ensures omnipotence and currently only supports familiar platforms such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum.

Besides that, they also provide an extremely powerful e-wallet service with notifications made continuously.

With Coinbase API, users have complete freedom to integrate crypto functionality into an already launched application, rather than scrapping and rebuilding from scratch.

This's also a reason why Coinbase's API is preferred above all.

Currently, Coinbase API is free to use with a limit of 10,000 requests per hour.

Coinbase Pro premium service plan will include more advanced and exciting features such as programmatic trading.

5 API tốt nhất dành cho các dự án Blockchain


Basically, NOWNodes is a Blockchain-as-a-service solution that provides a high-quality connection through an API.

With NOWNodes' API, users have the ability to quickly and easily access the most popular Blockchains.

In addition, NOWNodes has up to 40 Blockchains on the list of connections based on a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Below are the outstanding features that make NOWNodes API highly appreciated:

  • Service quality is always guaranteed.
  • Users don't need to deal with many intermediary services because all full nodes and Blockchain explorers are centralized in the same platform.
  • Extremely reliable connection and fast access speed (1GB/s).
  • Full node is monitored continuously 24/7 by experienced experts of NOWNodes.

5 API tốt nhất dành cho các dự án Blockchain

Nomics API

Nomics is a commercial data aggregator, with a completely free Blockchain API that supports all user trading needs.

They collect data (price, market capitalization…) from orders and transactions at 13 different crypto exchanges.

A factor that makes Nomics more special in the hearts of users is the feature of using trade raw data.

This makes it possible for Nomics to provide data with greater accuracy, especially from less reliable exchanges in market.

In addition, Nomics API is also capable of detecting some forms of data manipulation and empowering users to access the history for in-depth analysis needs.

Most importantly, Nomics API always has specific and accurate documentation for their users.

5 API tốt nhất dành cho các dự án Blockchain

Factom API

Factom is a company that provides extremely innovative solutions, including a service to store data right on their own Blockchain.

This's extremely useful for users who are looking to store tamper-proof data for an extended period of time.

Besides unlimited speed, Factom's API can also be integrated with running software quickly and easily.

In addition, Factom Blockchain is also capable of executing smart contracts.

Most especially, Factom API also owns another extremely interesting feature, which is tokenization.

Thereby, users are allowed to create tokens that represent a real-world asset and trade them over the Internet.

It can be said that Factom is an extremely optimal and very promising solution in the future.

5 API tốt nhất dành cho các dự án Blockchain

Bitcore API

Bitcore is a native interface of the Bitcoin network, built and perfected by the developer team of Bitpay - the popular Bitcoin payment processor in the market.

Bitcore's API is open source, written by JavaScript and completely free, includes a node - wallet - Bitcoin chain explorer and many other useful libraries.

Users can extend Bitcore API with additional services thanks to its modular architecture easily. This feature is especially useful for enterprise-scale applications.

Besides, Bitcore is also a full node. So, the applications on their API run through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

This gives amazing performance (more than 500 transactions per second).

It can be commented that Bitcore is one of the essential Blockchain API toolkits for all Bitcoin-related applications and projects that need to scale.

Bitcore promises to be an API with long-term growth potential.

5 API tốt nhất dành cho các dự án Blockchain