5 tools for API testing

5 tools for API testing
Looking for tools for API testing? Please refer to the following content right now!

When developing API, the testing process is extremely important and must be done before delivering to users.

This'll determine whether the generated API meets the original functional expectations.

Besides, it also contributes to ensuring the efficiency and reliability as well as security of API when integrating into applications, so that there're as few errors as possible.

Hopefully top 5 tools for API testing that Nobody mentioned right below will help you and your team have an accurate view, thereby making the choice that best suits your needs.


Anyone who has worked with API has probably heard of Postman tool at least once.

It's often used by developers during the project build phase, specifically at the unit test step.

With Postman, users can completely check the quality of the product through the returned results without having to care about the interface.

Some outstanding features:

  • Extremely useful, allowing users to work with APIs without having to write any code.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Doesn't require users to learn a new programming language.
  • Using REST clients and calling REST APIs is extremely easy.
  • Send HTTP request with full methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).
  • Have the right to change header of request.
  • Post data in many formats (TEXT, JSON, key-value...).
  • The results returned in many formats (TEXT, XML, JSON, images...).
  • Supports both swagger and RAML formats.
  • Have features to run, test, create document, monitor… professional.
  • Allows saving history of requests, making it convenient to reuse when needed.
  • Manage your team's public data and share knowledge with ease, import/export is simple.

Postman has a variety of versions, suitable for many different operating systems.

If using the Linux kernel operating system, users need to download it from Chrome Extensions.

It can be said that this is the most popular manual and automated API testing tool on the market today.

5 công cụ cho việc testing API


JMeter is a free tool commonly used to test the functionality, performance and load-bearing of products during the pre-release phase.

It possesses outstanding features such as:

  • Supports caching and re-running of API testing results offline.
  • Performance and load testing can be performed on both static as well as dynamic resources.
  • Can works with CSV files, allowing users to quickly create unique parameter values for API testing quickly.

5 công cụ cho việc testing API


SoapUI is known as an API testing tool (function - security - load), which is extremely popular in the market.

It enables automated testing of REST APIs and web services.

Currently, SoapUI is providing 02 versions:

 Free versionPro version
  • Enables access to the entire source code and create priority features.
  • Enables creating tests quickly and easily, with just a few drag - drop - point - click.
  • Enables reuse of tests.
  • A interface is designed to be intuitive, simple and user-friendly.
  • Enables powerful and big data driven tests, simulating how users interact with API.
  • Supports native CI/CD integration and asynchronous testing.

In particular, SoapUI also supports all protocol standards and technologies used to test all types of APIs.

5 công cụ cho việc testing API


This's a cloud API testing tool, written in JavaScript.

It allows users to measure and test API performance, with important features:

  • Support for design for API scaling, deployment and monitoring.
  • Identify performance issues by monitoring API traffic, failure rates and response times.
  • Allows creating API proxies easily.
  • Integrate cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments on a single code.
  • Useful for digital business operations and data-rich mobile app-driven APIs.
  • Safe.

Apigee has been named one of the top tools for full-life API management by the Gartner Magic Quadrant four times in a row.

5 công cụ cho việc testing API


Rest-assured is Java's special open source API testing tool.

It's often used in testing REST API services, with a series of interesting features that allow users to not need to code too much:

  • Has built-in serenity automation framework.
  • Doesn't require user to be an HTTP expert.
  • Supports apache johnson, OSGi, BDD syntax and POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH, HEAD requests.
  • There're 02 libraries available: JSONPath (JSON) and XMLPath (XML).
  • Eliminates the require to generate boilerplate code, allowing interaction with a REST service.
  • Generate reports in HTML, TEXT, XML…

Moreover, if you're using Java and want a perfect REST API service library, you should use Rest-assured.

5 công cụ cho việc testing API