Is CoinGecko API free?

Is CoinGecko API free?
CoinGecko is one of the most comprehensive and powerful crypto API providers on the market today, with a free plan available for user.

What is CoinGecko API?

CoinGecko was founded in 2014 with the mission to democratize access to crypto data and empower users to approach useful information related to this field.

Completely independent, unbiased and trustworthy are the adjectives that describe CoinGecko.

In May 2018, CoinGecko launched its own crypto API, which has over 20 endpoints available, public and free.

Recently (March 2021), CoinGecko also released Enterprise API, which includes plans with different prices suitable for the needs of many user groups.

According to a statistic from CoinGecko, every month there are 10 billion + API calls.

A number has shown that CoinGecko API is trusted and used by countless users.

CoinGecko API có miễn phí không?

What's special about CoinGecko?

CoinGecko API is considered by users to be comprehensive and extremely powerful.

Developers in the community and traders can use the CoinGecko API to:

  • Update real-time crypto price.
  • View historical data of the market and trading volume on exchanges.

In addition, users can also perform access to CoinGecko's free and public crypto API without the need for a key.

CoinGecko API có miễn phí không?

Is CoinGecko API free?

CoinGecko is currently providing many crypto API plans with different prices, suitable for the needs of each user.

You can use CoinGecko API for free with rate limit of 10 - 50 calls per minute.

When exceeding this limit, you'll be blocked for the next 01 minute.

CoinGecko API có miễn phí không?