Professional Binary Option design company

Professional Binary Option design company
Binary Option is known to be an extremely popular form of investment today, bringing extremely attractive profits for participants.

What is Binary Option?

Binary Option (BO) is currently attracting a lot of participants on a worldwide scale.

This is an extremely simple form of investment but brings quite high profits, based on predicting the price of an asset on the exchange at a specified time in the future (cryptocurrency, precious metal, stock, security...) and there are only 02 options, including increase or decrease.

After finishing a trading session, the trader immediately knows the result.

At this time, those who choose correctly will receive a reward of up to 80% of the initial investment and vice versa.

It's basically a 50:50 split “game” that is legally recognized in some countries.

What is the difference between Binary Option and Forex?

With traditional markets like security and Forex, when we trade, there are always sellers.

Money flows will be transferred back and forth between people and the Forex units only act as an intermediary, profiting from the commission through each trade.

In the form of Binary Option, there will be no counterparty seller, all transactions are done directly through the exchange.

Besides, between Binary Option and Forex, there are some different elements as follows:

ElementBinary OptionForex
Transaction methodTraders predict the price movement of a certain asset on the exchange, with two options is increase or decrease.A trader predicts the price movement of a currency pair and takes action to buy or sell.
PriceNo costs are incurred other than the final payment.Brokerage spread or commission from trading orders.
Risk levelLosses are limited to initial investment and low margin due to trader error.

The loss is usually very high and unpredictable.

At the same time, the margin rate is also quite high due to the error of the trader.

IntervalThere is a schedule, the expiry time is set by the trader.Non-scheduled, traders are free to close at any time but usually long term.

Professional Binary Option design company

Binary Option is a name that is no longer strange to financial investors, especially in the field of cryptocurrencies in particular.

Nobody.Network is proud to be one of the trendsetters with more than 10 years of experience in designing trading exchanges for all customers from large to small, ensuring prestige and quality.

Binary Option platform designed at our company is committed to contain all the functions required by you, created under the hands of highly qualified developers.

Besides, we always update the latest technologies and apply them to the design process to bring the best standard products.

When choosing us as a Binary Option designer, you do not need to worry about costs because the price will be extremely favorable.

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