Quality Binary Options exchange design company

Quality Binary Options exchange design company
A Binary Options exchange with quality design and smooth operation will attract more investors to join.

In the current era, online financial investment is gradually becoming a new trend in the market. So, design of Binary Options exchange (BO) is also one of the needs that many people are interested in.

And if you also want to own a quality Binary Options exchange but have not yet chosen the right service provider, then please refer to the following content right away!

List of important functions when designing a Binary Options exchange

A professional Binary Options exchange usually includes a full range of functions that create a great trading experience for users and bring convenience in admin system administration.

User functions

  • Landing-page: Update all exchange introduction information.
  • Sign up - Sign in.
  • Switch multi-language.
  • Trade engine: The core element of any Binary Options exchange, allowing access to order books, match buy - sell - transfer orders, execute transactions and have the ability to calculate balances.
  • Wallet: This's where the digital assets of the exchange owner and all traders are stored, so it must be absolutely safe.
    • Hot wallet: A type of software that manages the deposit - withdrawal - transfer and operates automatically, as long as it is connected to the Internet.
    • Cold wallet: A physical wallet only works when the owner actively connects to the system via the Internet, be it a USB or a hard drive that stores data.
  • Deposit - withdraw - store cryptocurrencies.
  • Placing buy - sell orders: There're 03 forms.
    • Call/put: Is the most familiar form on Binary Options exchange, extremely popular with participants.
    • One touch/no touch: Simpler than call/put, participants only need to determine if the asset has the ability to reach a limit price within a preset time.
    • Within/out of range: Participants must choose a bet in the range of increase or decrease, rather than a certain price index.
  • Professional and optimal trading area.
  • Real-time trading chart.
  • Automatic reward system.
  • Review past transactions and track balances.
  • Diversify assets (stock market indices, various currencies, forex, corporate stocks, scarce commodities, etc.).
  • Online support and contact information.
  • Back office: Allows users to manage assets, monitor notifications and edit personal information easily.

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Administrator functions

Admin panel:

  • Control and operate the exchange.
  • Manage public assets and all transactions, as well as personal information of users.
  • Update liquidity.
  • Set trading conditions (minimum deposit for new accounts, withdrawal limit...).
  • KYC verification or other requirements that users need to comply with.
  • Approve user accounts.
  • Proactively lock user accounts when fraud occurs.
  • Send notifications to all users.
  • View all tickets requesting support from users.
  • Statistics of data, traffic and profit - loss...

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A security system

  • SSL.
  • Anti-hack system and prevent external attacks such as DDOS...
  • Multi-layer security.
  • Authenticate the user's identity through two-factor (2FA).

Besides, when designing Binary Options exchange, it is also necessary to ensure the UI (user interface) to be the most friendly and intuitive, especially to be responsive because the demand for use on smartphones is increasing more and more.

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Quality Binary Options exchange design company

If you want to own a professional Binary Options exchange, first of all, you must choose the right design company.

And Nobody is one of the reputable names in the market, trusted by many customers as well as having positive reviews about the service.

Owning a team of experienced and highly qualified developers, Nobody is committed to bringing you a quality Binary Options exchange design as desired.

In addition, you are also taken care of extremely thoughtfully from consultation to hand over and receive the most preferential customer care as well as after-sales regimes.

Nobody always strives to meet all requirements and puts the customer's business performance first.

With 24/7 support policy and lifetime warranty, your Binary Options exchange will always operate smoothly as well as handle any problems quickly if any.

Currently, the Binary Options exchange design service provided by Nobody is not only rated by the majority of customers as quality but also cost-optimized.

Contact Nobody via email address support@nobody.network if you also want to design Binary Options exchange right now!

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Binary Options exchange design process at Nobody

Nobody always has a clear process for customers, from the moment of accepting the job to the design and handover.

So, Nobody always ensures the completion time on schedule.

Below is Binary Options exchange design process at Nobody:

  • Nobody receives customers' wishes to design a Binary Options exchange through consulting channels.
  • Note all customer requirements and give appropriate ideas, plans.
  • Drafting a plan and give the most accurate service quote.
  • Sign a contract between two parties.
  • Assign tasks and carry out each step according to the detailed plan.
  • Complete the demo and give feedback to the customer.
  • Complete interface and all functions.
  • Handing over Binary Options exchange to customers.

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