List of best crypto APIs 2023

List of best crypto APIs 2023
Which APIs are the best rated in 2023 and should you choose for your project? Let's take a look at this article right away!

In today's era, the field of crypto is becoming more familiar than ever and is widely applied in people's lives.

And of course, to be able to build a comprehensive crypto app, developers definitely need help from the API.

With crypto API, developers' work gets done more quickly. Besides, it also brings convenience and great experience to users.

5 crypto APIs below will give you the smoothest and most optimized application!

Nobody API

Nobody is one of the best crypto API providers on the market, trusted by many users in the community and has positive reviews about the service.

Nobody's crypto API is built by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring:

  • Completely public.
  • Extremely high robustness.
  • Absolute security and safety.
  • Simple even for newbies.

In addition, so that users can quickly and easily integrate the crypto API into their applications but still achieve high efficiency, Nobody also attach a full document.

In particular, you're completely entitled to use Nobody's crypto API 100% free.

Experience it today!

Danh sách các API tiền điện tử tốt nhất 2023

Coinbase API

Coinbase is probably a name that is no stranger in the community that loves and cares about the crypto market.

Their API is considered by users to be an extremely flexible and versatile tool, based on Node.js technology and currently only supports familiar platforms such as:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin cash.
  • Ethereum.
  • Litecoin.

One of the unique capabilities of Coinbase API is the integration and interoperability of launched applications.

So, when it comes to adding crypto functionality to a previous app, developers don't have to rebuild from scratch.

Another plus that makes Coinbase API so popular with users is that they provides an extremely powerful e-wallet service with continuous transaction notifications.

Coinbase allows users to use API for free with a limit of 10,000 requests per hour.

If you want to experience more advanced and interesting features like “programming trading”, you must subscribe to a paid plan.

Danh sách các API tiền điện tử tốt nhất 2023

CryptoCompare API

CryptoCompare has more traction as well as influence with crypto businesses and companies than individuals.

They provide an extremely diverse data system, including market - commerce - Blockchain and social sources.

CryptoCompare API has highly reliable and scalable endpoints that reach 180 million requests per hour.

Danh sách các API tiền điện tử tốt nhất 2023

CoinMarketCap API

CoinMarketCap is a leading website specializing in tracking information and updating crypto market data in this field, highly rated by users.

Currently, CoinMarketCap is providing a professional API for both developers and traders in the community, including full - complete crypto market data from 2013.

You can register to use CoinMarketCap API for free with certain limitations if the purpose is only personal.

Danh sách các API tiền điện tử tốt nhất 2023

Nomics API

Nomics is a leading platform in the field of crypto data, providing a professional API early on and is completely free to use.

Nomics API has the main feature of using raw data instead of candle data from transactions.

So, Nomics is rated by the user community as providing information about crypto data with greater accuracy and transparency than many other platforms on the market.

At the same time, Nomics API is also capable of helping to detect some forms of manipulation of transaction data, such as stock ticking and spam stabilization...

Danh sách các API tiền điện tử tốt nhất 2023