Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs
Currently, the crypto data APIs are increasingly being used by developers and experts in the field.

CoinMarketCap API

It can be commented that anyone interested in cryptocurrencies knows CoinMarketCap - one of the major and recognized websites in this field.

CoinMarketCap API uses a RESTful structure with a very powerful endpoint system that can guarantee high quality performance and uptime very well.

Currently, CoinMarketCap is providing comprehensive and detailed cryptocurrency market data since 2013.

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs

CryptoCompare API

CryptoCompare is one of the most powerful and longest-running crypto data providers in this field.

This is considered an extremely suitable choice for those who are in need of a large and detailed amount of data.

With CryptoCompare API, you get information like historical ticker data and real-time prices... very quickly, accurately.

However, some of the more advanced API datasets are currently included by CryptoCompare in paid plans starting at $79.99.

This also somewhat limits the usability of those who are in need of building large-scale projects.

What makes CryptoCompare API special is that it's incredibly powerful, rarely error occurs and fall into a state of inactivity.

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs

KuCoin API

KuCoin gives you access to the data of many different cryptocurrencies on the market, with a high to low reputation level.

KuCoin's interface is considered to be relatively simple and reasonable for users.

What makes the KuCoin API not really complete is that it often has service interruptions, affecting the user experience.

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs

Nomics API

Nomics is one of the most powerful crypto data API providers in the field, with access to over 66,000 different markets.

They also have an extensive library of historical data for each cryptocurrency, detailed for you and the project's end users.

Nomics API is free to use with the personal plan, but if you need to build larger projects, you'll need to sign up for a price that isn't publicly available.

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs

CoinGecko API

Almost anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies knows CoinGecko - another famous website in the market besides CoinMarketCap.

They also recently offered their own crypto API and are considered the best choice for those who are looking to get data from some small sized exchanges.

Using CoinGecko API, you can get up to 13 million calls for free every month.

Top 5 most powerful crypto data APIs