Best crypto APIs for developers

Best crypto APIs for developers
If you are a developer and are also looking for a place that provides the best crypto API today, then please refer to this article right away!


It can be commented that flexibility is one of the extremely important factors and is always the first concern of developers when building applications or projects related to cryptocurrency.

And Coinbase can completely meet that!

Coinbase is a tool that provides an API with flexible and secure features, currently supporting Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash - Litecoin - Ethereum.

Coinbase's API technology is based on Node.js, making it possible to integrate cryptocurrency directly into legacy applications instead of having to scrap and rebuild from scratch.

Besides, with Coinbase API, developers can also create wallets and addresses for cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Coinbase provides a wallet service with constant notifications of every transaction.

Developers can use Coinbase API for free if only up to 10,000 requests per hour are needed.

If developers want to use more advanced and interesting features (for example programmatic trading), they can sign up for a premium plan like Coinbase Pro.

Best crypto APIs for developers


This will be the right choice for developers who are looking for a place that provides a real-time crypto data API.

CoinAPI does not operate its own coin ranking website like the vast majority of other API servicers, but focuses primarily on providing price and market data to its users.

Currently, CoinAPI is supporting over 16,000 crypto assets and all available data is collected from 337 exchanges with over 46,000 market updates per second.

They offer real-time data transfers and have a huge base of market history, with servers located at home and abroad that make work more reliable as well as faster.

Cryptocurrency project developers can easily apply the detailed and fully documented data at CoinAPI to their projects.

CoinAPI has a free plan with a limit of 100 requests per day.

If developers' needs exceed the upper limit, they can sign up for a paid monthly plan for $79 or more.

Best crypto APIs for developers


CoinMarketCap is probably not a strange name to those who are interested in the field of cryptocurrencies.

This is the extremely reputable coin ranking website and is recognized by countless users in the industry.

CoinMarketCap's API provides users with access to a database related to 2000 cryptocurrencies listed on over 300 global exchanges.

They pride themselves on having a huge and high-end API user base, including the two “big guys” Coinbase with bank of Canada.

CoinMarketCap's API allows the development of cryptocurrency software or applications capable of tracking trading strategies, live price alerts...

In addition, the data provided by CoinMarketCap can also be used by developers to run experiments with past cryptocurrency prices and track portfolios.

However, if users want to access more data, they will have to pay a large amount of money for this.

Free access only gives users 10,000 calls per month without any historical data.

And if real-time pricing data is important to you, the CoinMarketCap API is probably not ideal.

Best crypto APIs for developers


KuCoin API is designed so that users can easily access and trade cryptocurrencies on various markets.

The KuCoin API's diverse, stable cryptocurrency data system will be of great help to developers. They can use them to build apps with secret trading functionality.

Besides, the exchange rate offered at KuCoin also works great on both web app and app.

Developers can access the data library for free when using the KuCoin API, the only limitation is that calls are limited to 1800 requests per minute.

Currently, official SDKs are available on KuCoin API including Java/Go/PHP/Python/Node.js...

Best crypto APIs for developers


It can be commented that CoinGecko is one of the most budget-friendly crypto API providers on this list.

This will be an option worth considering for developers who are in need of building a project with a small budget.

CoinGecko API gives users direct access to essential data including live market prices of cryptocurrencies, tickers, trading volume, history, exchange details and technical charts... completely free.

In addition, CoinGecko API users also have the privilege of obtaining data for 12,000 cryptocurrencies listed on more than 500 exchanges.

All data at CoinGecko is available to the public, with a speed limit of 50 calls per minute, which is quite enough for most crypto use cases.

According to CoinGecko, using the API they provide, developers can get up to 13 million free calls per month.

Developers can sign up for paid CoinGecko API service packages starting at $103 a month and paying annually, if their needs exceed the upper limit.

Best crypto APIs for developers