Why use APIs?

Why use APIs?
APIs are increasingly being used in the field of information technology is because they bring a lot of great benefits to developers.

Help build apps quickly

With APIs, programmers can complete the development of applications for people's lives simply and quickly.

It acts as a bridge to make the data exchange process easier.

Moreover, API is also considered as a perfect method to help programmers connect working processes from many different software into a complete system with all necessary features.

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Create business expansion opportunities

Currently, the potential to expand the business scale of companies operating in the field of providing APIs in the market is extremely large.

They can provide API resources to many different customers such as developers, individuals, businesses... contributing to the opportunity to achieve high and stable profits.

At the same time, API is also an opportunity to help these companies develop independently and quickly gain a high position in the market, without depending on any other application programming interface provider.

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Bringing convenience to life

Maybe you do not know, almost every application that we often use every day on the Internet today is developed with APIs.

Their appearance has contributed to making people's lives more convenient and simpler than ever.

The API handles everyday things like allowing online payments via credit cards, compare airfares, give permission to embed maps on website, find the nearest driver based on the user's current location and show the price for the trip in advance in ride-hailing apps...

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